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Superb Quality

The BELSIZE Balance Bike for Kids & Toddlers is superbly made from Super Lightweight Aluminum Alloy and only weighs 6.4 lbs. The aluminum welds on the frame are a work of art. This bike is made to last through generations of use. An added bonus that isn’t mentioned...

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If you want your kids to love the ride, this is the bike.

This bike is exactly as billed. With relatively little effort, one can put this bike together (with the tools included) in about fifteen minutes. The components are the quality one would expect for the cost. A few moments of adjustment to the brakes and the wheels spin free and fast...

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Highly recommended balance bike!

This (aluminum) Belsize balance bike is significantly lighter than the (steel) Strider of the same size. I really feel this difference picking the bike up, and part of the balance bike experience is carrying it around to good riding spots! The Belsize bike is also slightly larger than the Strider and feels more solid/substantial, even though it’s lighter...

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So light weight!

When a small child is learning to ride a bike, the weight of the bike makes all the difference. They have to be strong enough to control the weight of the bike. This company payed attention to every detail to make this bike light weight. Awesome bike!

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