If you want your kids to love the ride, this is the bike.

This bike is exactly as billed. With relatively little effort, one can put this bike together (with the tools included) in about fifteen minutes. The components are the quality one would expect for the cost. A few moments of adjustment to the brakes and the wheels spin free and fast.

As a parent of younger children, I’m going to advocate for a choice here. I love to ride. I rode mountain bikes with my family, I played around with racing in college and I can still be found meandering about on my old Cannondale from time to time. I wanted my kids to love the bike as well. For young kids, it has to work, work well and be easy to have fun on. This is the bike you want. The parts last, the belt drive is the single greatest improvement to kid’s cycling since the balance bike (say no to training wheels- really, just say no). No grease, no chain to fall off, just get on and go.

The biggest plus- this bike is almost five pounds lighter than its closest similarly priced competitor. It is more than ten pounds lighter than your average 20” cheapo. For reference, the average 6 year old only weighs 45-50 pounds. This is a MASSIVE percentage of their body weight. It makes an enormous difference in how far, how fast and how long a child can ride before they get tired. If you want them on a bike, make it easy and make it fun.

Last piece before I get off my soap box: we’ve had this bike (the A11N 20”) for about a week. I included a picture of the A11N Belsize 16”s that still hang in the garage. Those two bikes went through just about anything a kid can put a bike through and still roll as fast as they did when I got them. Get a bike your kids will want to ride. This is the bike you want.