4 Reasons Why Belt-Drive Bikes Are Better for Your Child

Do you remember the first time you learned how to ride a bike? 

First you work on keeping your balance, then how to pedal.

Turning, braking, safety, and saving the worst part for last: maintenance. 

Having your chain fall off your bike can be a messy, frustrating experience. Your hands are covered with grease which inevitably gets all over your handlebars or even your clothes.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about fixing your dirty bicycle chain?

With a belt-driven bike, you don’t have to!

Instead of a metal chain that needs constant maintenance and lubrication, a pre-assembled belt-driven bike does not require any maintenance besides an occasional cleaning with water and a brush to remove large chunks of dirt and debris.

 "...the belt drive is the icing on the cake. In addition to being grease and maintenance-free, the belt essentially prevents any snags on clothing and, unlike a chain, will not stretch or easily slip off the gears." - Dennis, verified Amazon customer

It’s no wonder that belt-driven bikes are becoming increasingly popular as the first choice for a kids bicycle, especially if you have younger kids who will be able to use the bike once their big brother or sister grows out of this one. 

Keep reading to find some other benefits of belt-driven bicycles!

Belt-Drive Bikes Require Less Maintenance

Like we said above, with a belt-driven bike no lubricant or degreaser is needed, so maintenance is almost non-existent. You may occasionally need to wash the belt with water and brush out the gears with a soft brush or toothbrush

In addition to less maintenance, there’s no need to walk your bike to the nearest repair shop or garage to reattach the chain because the belt is designed to stay tight and not fall off, which is a common problem for kids chain-driven bicycles.

This leads to more fun for your kid and less worry for you as you know they will be able to ride home safely without any problems.

Belt-Drive Bikes Produce Less Noise

Bicycles are much quieter than cars or motorcycles, but they do still produce a certain amount of noise from the metal chain spinning and rotating around the metal gears and sprockets.


With a belt-driven bike, most of this noise is eliminated due to the frictionless spinning of the belt and the noiseless qualities of rubber. 

It may be a good idea to add a bell to your kid’s bike so people can hear them coming up from behind them!

Belt-Drive Bikes Provide a Smoother Ride

In addition to less noise, belt-driven bicycles also produce a smoother and more comfortable ride than their chain-driven counterparts. This is because the tension of the belt keeps the pedals moving in a smooth, continuous motion instead of the slips and bumps that can occur when you are riding a traditional chain-driven bicycle.

Belt-Drive Bikes Are More Efficient at High Speed

Chain-driven bikes require a slightly lower power output when you first start pedaling, but once you get up to cruising speed it is actually easier to maintain your speed with a belt-driven bicycle! This means that your child can ride longer distances without stopping for a rest.

The Belsize kids bicycle combines all of the benefits of a belt-driven bicycle with extra features that make them perfect for children.

The frame is made from lightweight aluminum alloy so it is easier to transition from training wheels or a balance bike. 

"This bike is awesome. It’s made well and son loves it. I wish it came in adult size." -David, verified Amazon customer 

Instead of a coaster brake that is applied by pedaling backwards, the Belzike kid’s bike has dual Tektro hand brakes that are safer to use, easier to learn, and provide a better transition to adult bikes which almost exclusively use hand brakes. 

The Belsize bike also comes 96% pre-assembled so your kid can get riding within a few minutes of opening the package. 

After purchasing this bike I can confidently say this is the best value, 16 inch, premium bicycle available on the market. - Michael, verified Amazon customer 

Check out our collection of Belzise kid’s bikes to find the perfect bike for your children’s next birthday, holiday, or “just cause” gift.

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