Our Story

How we started: We love cycling. We bike to school, work, the grocery store, or anywhere else when we get the chance. When we had our first child, we could not wait to share our love of cycling with her.

A problem that we kept running into is that many kid’s bikes we tested were not as well made as our adult bikes. They were heavy. The brakes were hard to control. Thinking back to our own childhood, we had many memories of our metal chains falling off, breaking, and leaving grease stains on our shoes and pants. 

After getting fed up with these issues, we set out to create a kid’s bike that would be easier to ride and eliminate the maintenance problems that we struggled with growing up. 

We replaced the messy metal chain with a rubber belt, which has lower maintenance requirements and is incredibly durable. We also replaced the coaster brakes with hand-pull brakes to save weight and provide an easier transition to an adult bike, and utilized a lightweight aluminum frame so the bike was easier to maneuver. 

As engineers and avid cyclists ourselves, we set out to create a bike that was safe, hassle-free, and fun to ride. 

After 20 months of designing, testing, and redesigning, we ended up with a bike that was lightweight, easy to control, incredibly safe, and an absolute joy to ride. As busy parents ourselves, we also wanted to make sure that maintenance and upkeep were minimized without putting a huge dent in our wallets. 

We were proud to introduce our first models, the Belsize 16 and 20 inch kids bikes, in 2020. We are currently working on additional sizes and taking customer feedback to improve our bicycles, but we know your child will be thrilled with the bike we have created.

In the name of... our chief product officer, Kevin, who has always told us about his college memories riding his old, trusty bike around Belsize Park in London, we decided to name our brand ‘Belsize.' Not only a dedication to Kevin’s brilliant work over the past few years, but also with the aim to keep our innocence and love of a beautiful life together with every one of our customers.

For kids, nothing is more necessary than a good bike that can take them on all their childhood adventures to the park, through the woods, or even just riding laps around the neighborhood. We want to make sure kids always have access to these sources of joy and happiness. Happy riding!