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A New Kind of Belsize Kids Bike: The 16-Inch PRO

There’s a new bike on the block. We already started changing the bike game when we introduced kids bikes with rubber belt drives instead of greasy metal chains, but this new bike is full of new features that you (and your child) are going to love! Our new 16-inch PRO bike is an upgrade to our already great line of standard Belsize kids bikes. We think that these new upgrades are going to make the bike even easier for your kid to ride, but more importantly, it will be even more fun! We also included a few new features that your kid may not notice, but that you can be even more excited about. Let’s dive right in!  Upgrades to...

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How To Ride A Balance Bike

We’ve already written articles on why you should not use training wheels with your child and the benefits of balance bikes, so we figured it was time for a more “how-to" guide you can use to teach your child how to ride their balance bike.  By using a balance bike instead of training wheels, you are teaching your child one of the most important aspects of riding a bicycle (balancing while moving forward) before moving on to more advanced skills like pedaling and using the handbrake.  In our experience, starting kids on a balance bike leads to fewer falls, a faster learning curve, and an overall better riding experience than starting them out with training wheels.  Keep reading for how to get started! Things...

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The Benefits of a Balance Bike

In case you hadn’t heard, training wheels are out and balance bikes are in (you can read more about this on our previous blog here.)  In short, training wheels do not actually prepare your child for riding a bicycle on two wheels. The most important part about riding a bicycle is learning how to balance, and that is not something that can easily be taught to your child when they are leaning on the training wheels (literally) to keep them from tipping over.  Because we didn’t want to point out this problem without providing a solution, our engineers have been hard at work the past few months on a special project that can help your child get ready for the...

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Belsize Belt-Drive Bike Maintenance Guide

Maintaining a Belsize belt-driven bicycle is incredibly easy and requires almost zero mechanical skills. As long as you can use a toothbrush and soapy water with the occasional spray of silicone-based lube to remove squeaking sounds, that is all you will need to maintain your belt-driven bike for thousands of miles to come

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