A New Kind of Belsize Kids Bike: The 16-Inch PRO

There’s a new bike on the block. We already started changing the bike game when we introduced kids bikes with rubber belt drives instead of greasy metal chains, but this new bike is full of new features that you (and your child) are going to love!

Our new 16-inch PRO bike is an upgrade to our already great line of standard Belsize kids bikes. We think that these new upgrades are going to make the bike even easier for your kid to ride, but more importantly, it will be even more fun! We also included a few new features that your kid may not notice, but that you can be even more excited about. Let’s dive right in! 

Upgrades to the 16-Inch PRO Bike

Thicker Frame, Same Weight 

On the PRO version, we upgraded the thickness of the aluminum-alloy frame to be thicker, which allows the bike to feel more sturdy and durable while increasing the comfort of the ride. 

The best part is that even though we made the frame thicker, there is almost no difference in the total weight of the bike! The 16-inch PRO and the standard 16-inch bike both weigh in at 13 pounds total, so your child will have no problem maneuvering down the sidewalk or taking it on the local bike trail. 

The lightweight is also a nice feature if your child gets tired of riding and you need to carry the bike or they need to push it up a hill that is juuuust a little too steep to pedal up. 

Cassette vs Freewheel Hub 

For a smoother pedaling experience, we upgraded to use a cassette instead of a freewheel hub. Not only is the cassette hub lighter and easier to steer, but there is also no gap between the pedal and the frame to further reduce the maintenance needed and allow for a more efficient pedal, making the bike easier to ride for your little one. 

Gates vs Continental Rubber Belt

Gates is the gold standard of belts. While Continental is a great belt and is the current standard that we trust for our standard line of Belsize bikes, Gates takes it to the next level by being even more long-lasting than the already-great Continental belt. 



You can read more about the 16-inch PRO bike on our product page. Happy riding! 

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