How to Choose the Right Helmet for Your Kids

When kids ride their bikes, it energizes them and makes them more playful. Regular cycling makes them more agile and active, and riding their bikes can improve their stamina and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Although children may enjoy riding their bikes, there can be times when they may end up falling from their bikes. Anything from bruises to concussions can occur when kids fall from their bikes. Parents must buy bicycle helmets for their children to prevent such a disaster.  

In addition to getting a helmet, getting the fitting helmet suitable for your child is equally important. With countless options to choose from, buying a helmet for your kid can be daunting. The helmet market is flooded with various colors, designs, and features. You need to think about a few things before choosing the fitting helmet for your kid. Some of them are mentioned below:

Right Type of Helmet for Your Kid

Depending on your kid's age, you need to decide the type of helmet you wish to purchase. A solid generic bike helmet would be okay for infants to toddlers, but they might ask for more as your kids grow. Some helmet types suitable for kids are mentioned below:

  • Generic/ Recreational bike helmets are used for casual riding. They are cost-effective and provide essential impact protection.
  • Road/Racing helmets provide better protection than generic helmets. However, they are lightweight and are usually more aerodynamic in nature.
  • Mountain Bike helmets are equally strong and sturdy as the ones mentioned above. Additionally, they tend to be well ventilated and contain extended rear head coverage.
  • BMX helmets are heavier and bulkier designs than other generic helmets. They tend to have fewer vents and maximum head coverage.

Finding the Right Fitting Bike Helmet

You don't buy a helmet to grow into it. If it doesn't fit correctly, your child won't be protected. You must find a biking helmet that would perfectly suit your kid.

The first step is measuring the size of your child's head. You can either use a cloth, a measuring tape, or a string and measure the circumference against the ruler afterward. To calculate the diameter of your child's head horizontally, you need to measure two finger widths or an inch above the eyebrows, just above the ears.

Kids' helmets are usually be listed in one of four categories: baby, toddler, kids, and youth. However, not all brands use this classification system. Sometimes, the measurements can differ from brand to brand. However, generally, the size of these helmets can be as follows:

Infant Helmet: They are designed for kids with a head circumference of 44 cm to 50 cm.

Toddler Helmet: They are designed for kids who have heads with a circumference of 46 cm to 52 cm.

Kids Helmet: They are designed for kids who have a head with a circumference of 48cm to 55cm.

Teen Helmet: They are designed for kids who have a head with a circumference of 52 cm to 58 cm.

Make Sure They Fit Well

Helmets are designed to stay strong and last a long time. So, they often have different adjustment levels built in them. If the helmet comes with multiple pads or a rear adjustment dial, you need to make sure it fits your child comfortably.

When choosing a helmet, keep in mind that it shouldn't move or wobble when the strap is closed. Don't go with a women's helmet that's too small, but ask for kids' helmets.

Head Coverage

Good quality safety helmets made for children should protect their entire skull area, from the front to the back. This includes the area below the hairline at the back and up to the eyebrows at the front.

When purchasing a helmet online, make sure to browse through the photographs to get a good idea of how it would look from all angles, and when purchasing it in person, you should try it on your child's head to ensure that it fits their head correctly.

Uncompromised Safety

You should always purchase a high-quality, brand-name helmet over a non-branded one because the brand guarantees safety and quality. This is extremely necessary when it comes to keeping your child safe.

In order to ensure that your kids' helmets are as safe as possible, make sure that they are purchased from a well-known brand. Never cut corners when thinking about your child's safety; instead, buy helmets from a well-known brand.

Comfortable and Strong

Helmets should be comfortable yet equally strong for optimal protection. While purchasing a kids' helmet, make sure it has a high-impact ABS outer shell, and a good quality expanded polystyrene shell (EPS) on the inner side. Branded helmets for kids do not compromise on safety features available with helmets for kids while still being cozy.

The Kid's helmet offered by Belsize is one of the most comfortable biking helmets out there. In addition, the quality and comfort of each Belsize Helmet are unmatched due to its sturdy and robust build. Each helmet is CPSC-certified for children's safety.

On top of the attractive outer appearance, the Belsize biking helmet for kids is designed with the following features.

  • These helmets are safer in the dark due to the plug-in rear LED light with three visibility levels.
  • The Belsize Helmet has a light removable foam liner and 16 vents so that your child will barely notice it is there.
  • It is constructed with a hard shell outer and an EPS foam liner that provides multi-layer protection
  • Your Kid can use the Belsize helmet for ordinary bicycles, BMX, mountain bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, scooters, and more.


It's more important than you'd think to let your child choose the design and color of their helmet. If they get excited about their helmet, they're more likely to wear it. In today's market, you can find bike helmets with spotted or striped designs or even a mohawk -so your child is guaranteed to love it.

Reaction to Skin

When purchasing a helmet for your child, make sure the helmet does not cause allergies. Non-branded helmets made by low-quality manufacturers don't use a hypoallergenic lining. This may cause your child to suffer from itching in the face.

As opposed to branded helmets, branded helmets feature hypoallergenic linings, which do not react with sweat or dust, reducing the chances of skin irritation.

In addition to biking helmets, kids need other safety accessories. Belsize provides a Kids Protective Gear Set with kids-sized helmet elbow and knee pads for your little one. With easy assembly and strict quality control, these accessories are engineered for a safe and fun biking experience for your children

Knowing your child's helmet size is essential to getting your Kid the right fit. A helmet that doesn't fit properly won't keep your child's head wholly protected. Furthermore, design, comfort, and safety are equally important while choosing a helmet for your Kid. Only a properly fitting helmet can provide your Kid with the necessary security and protection. And as a parent, you should always go for it.



Author: Emma Johnson


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