Open-Box 16 inch Bike, Pink - Belsize Official Pink
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Open-Box 16 inch Bike, Pink
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  • All open-box bikes have been fully quality-checked for safety. Each bike may come with visible blemishes to the paint, scratches on parts, damage to the box, or possibly used—but is nonetheless the same safe and smooth to ride.
  • Photos of individual open-box bikes are not available. for more information.
  • We don't accept returns/refunds for open-box bikes if the reason is the buyers' fault (size does not fit, don't like the color...), or damage to the outer box. If you receive an open-box bike that arrives damaged, or the wrong color/size sent, you can request a refund or replacement. If you are not sure if the bike is the right size for your kiddo, you can check our sizing guide or contact
  • Also available in silver, blue, and mint green
  • New items are available here