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Birthday Package

Kids love celebrating their birthday as they'll be the absolute hero of the day! Your kids will probably be thrilled at receiving an awesome Belsize bike, but we want to make them even happier by offering an extra surprise!

What's Included

$50 coupon (valid till Oct. 15), birthday gifts for kids every year till they turn 12...exclusive for kids joining the Belsize's world!

Products that can applied the $50 Coupon

12-inch balance bike, 16-inch bikes (including 16-inch and 16-inch Pro) and 20-inch bikes.

How to Earn

Guidance to activate the coupon code Birthday50 and birthday gifts


1. Click the gift icon (mobile) or "Birthday Package" button (desktop) at the right bottom of the page to open the panel



2. Click "Register" to enter

3. Create an account for later contact and gift shipping


4. Click "Ways to earn" and follow us on Instagram, share on Facebook and edit the date of birthday

5. Congrats! You can use the code: Birthday50 to enjoy $50 off your next Belsize 12, Belsize 16, Belsize 20 and receive a gift from us every year!



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